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Astro Mapping

Read One of These Books

13 Planets by David Aguilar

Astronaut Handbook
by Meghan McCarthy

Astrotwins — Project Blastoff
by Mark Kelly

Biggest, Baddest Book of Flight
by May Elizabeth Salzmann

Child’s Introduction to the Night Sky
by Michael Driscoll and Meredith Hamilton

Comets, Stars, and the Moon, and Mars
by Douglas Florian

Exploring the Solar System: A History with 22 Activities
By Mary Kay Carson

Heavenly Mathematics
by Glen Van Brummelen

If You Decide to Go to the Moon
by Faith McNulty

The Librarian Who Measured the Earth
by Kathryn Lasky

by Mark Kelly

Neil Armstrong: A Life of Flight
by Jay Barbee Book and audiobook

Next Time You See the Moon
by Emily Morgan

NightWatch: A Practical Guide to Viewing the Universe
by Terence Dickinson

Once Upon a Starry Night
by Jacqueline Mitton

Out Of This World: poems and facts about space
Amy E. Sklansky

Packing for Mars
by Mary Roach – Adult

Rocket Raccoon and Groot: Steal the Galaxy! Prose Novel
by Dan Abnett

The Stars
by H. A. Rey

Sundials: History, Theory and Practice
by René R.J. Rohr

Zoo in the Sky
by Jacqueline Mitton

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Sundial Directions and Sundial Template

Star Map for: May- June l July-August l September-October

Weight on Different Planets

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